In keeping with Our mission to help create a more conscious culture, We've decided to add A collection of Tibetan Incense to Our brand.

What is Tibetan Incense?

Made from all natural ingredients, with no harmful glues or carcinogens, there are hundreds of different types of incense that have been used by the monks and people for hundreds of years. Compared to incense from other places in the world, Tibetan incense is unique. It is made by hand, using only pure herbs, spices and flowers, and it does not contain a central stick of bamboo to hold it together.

Benefits & Uses of Incense

Relax and Unwind, Reduce Stress and Anxiety, Meditation, Spiritualty, Mindfullness, Stimulate Creativity, Increase Focus, Aid Sleep, Increase Sexual Desire, Yoga Practice, Medicinal, Cultivate New Interest, Air Purification, Create A Magical Experience.